Join us this month for our newest TOP SHOT competition. Here you will find something suitable for every skill level to work towards, compete against and learn from as well as having fun doing it. We will showcase different skills and techniques that are used and taught in many of our training programs to help further your firearms and shooting education. See if you have what it takes to be fast and accurate to compete against your friends, the leaderboard and other Defenders!

Description: This competition will be run for two months and will consist of shooting for time the DEFENDER 25 drill. This drill is used to demonstrate basic gun handling skills, slide lock  reloads, transitions from fast to slow, and distance accuracy.

Equipment: For pistol class you will need a handgun with at least two magazines that can hold five rounds each, a holster, sturdy belt and 50 rounds of ammunition (25 per run).

*****If you would like to compete but don’t have the right equipment just let us know and we can provide it for you*****

Fees: For either class the fees will be the same. All Defender Outdoors Shooting Center members will be charged $5 for two chances during a run. Non-members will be charged $10 for two chances during a run. You are able to purchase additional runs if you like and have two chances during each run.

Scoring: Since this competition is done in strings the times of each string will be added together then any penalties for shots outside of target zones will be added producing the final recorded time for the leaderboard.

Prizes: Each class Top Shot will receive a Defender Prize pack and will be announced on our social media at the end of the competition cycle. Additionally, at the end of the year we will host a Top of the Top Shot competition where each winner will come back to DOSC and compete for the title of Defender’s TOP SHOT.

Times: You can do this at any time just come to the Check-In desk and then we will get one of our certified team members to administer the drill and post your score on our leaderboard!