At Defender Outdoors Shooting Center our desire is to bring together people from all walks of life under a common enjoyable pastime…the love of shooting. From events geared for our ladies to a guy’s night out with buddies, or even that unique date night for something a little different. Our Defender Events have a little something for everyone, so check them out, find some friends and come hang with us at one of our monthly events!  To see when any of the below events are happening, check out our Events Calendar!


Full Auto Fridays

Exercise your freedom every Friday (from 10am–7pm) with Full Auto Friday! Finish the work week strong with $10 magazines in our 9MM submachine guns – Uzis, MP5s, and more. Only $10 and includes your range fee ($20 value) 1 mag of ammo, eyes and ears, and target. Go as many times as you want, as long as your trigger finger can handle it!


Cosmic Shooting

Are you ready to have a shooting experience like no other? No boring paper targets here!  We turn down the lights in our glow in the dark shooting gallery with targets that swing and fold with every shot!  Test your skill on shooting multiple glowing targets with speed! We can set this up for private group shoots or events as well.


Ladies Only Shoot N Sip

Ladies, come experience the gun range like you never have before. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or it’s your first time, Shoot N Sip is the perfect event to connect with other likeminded ladies, network, and learn about firearms. Our knowledgeable female instructors will be on hand to show you the ropes, and you can shoot a variety of calibers for fun, or enjoy shooting your own firearm. After the range time, nosh on delicious hors d’oeuvres and enjoy a glass of wine while swapping stories and making new friends. Gun rentals, ammo, hors d’oeuvres, and wine are all included in this fun event.


Men & Women of Caliber: Bible Study

Bible Study? At the gun range? You bet! We pair our two favorite things, God & Guns in this unique early morning non-denominational devotional.

Meet bi-weekly to dive deeper into the Gospels. During the study you will learn what it looks like to be an obedient Christian with a Christ centered life. Learn how to read and memorize scripture,  journal, witness, articulate the Gospel, and how to pray purposefully. Etch God’s Word onto your heart, and have a deeper relationship with Jesus.

6:45 am – Fellowship & Breakfast
7:00 am – Devotional Begins
7:45 am – Devotional Ends
7:45 am to 8:30 am – Free shoot on the range (you may bring your own guns and ammo)


Guys Night Out: Bullets & Brews

Guys come channel your inner Tony Montana and have a blast at our Guys Night Out: Bullets & Brews event. Start off with our MP5, UMP 40 & 45 machine guns, test your ability with a run and gun in our SIM House, compete against others in our state of the art Lasershot Room, shoot some pistols in our private shooting range, then chow down on some BBQ and have a brewskie! Gun rentals, full auto ammo, SIM ammo, BBQ and beer is included. You are welcome to bring your own guns and ammo to shoot, or you may purchase ammo.


Date Night

Put some spark in your relationship with our monthly Date Night. After the safety briefing, experienced shooters can go straight to the range, and new shooters head into our state of the art Lasershot Room for a gun tutorial, and then we send you out to shoot a variety of guns in many different calibers. Instruction, range time, limited ammo, gun rentals, hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, plus a $20 Gift Certificate to Clay Pigeon and 20% off a stay at the Omni Hotel is all included in this unique, fun, and educational date night! The couple that shoots together, stays together!



Come sight in your bow or just get some practice in when we transform our 25 yard private pistol area into a bow hunters practice area.  Bring your own targets or get some from us!  Four shooters can practice at a time, and is on a first come first serve basis.  Defender Members may reserve time in advance.  Be sure to check our Events Calendar for dates and times!


Texas Law Shield Deadly Force Workshop

What really happens after you have to pull the trigger? How does the judicial system work if you have to defend yourself with a firearm or other legal weapon? Who do you call if you’re wrongfully arrested? These questions and more are answered in our informative workshop. Learn from a licensed and barred attorney that specializes in firearms law when you can and can’t use deadly force, how a jury would likely find you in certain cases, and why it’s important to always have a legal plan as a firearm owner, along with a Q&A session to get free legal advice on subjects surrounding gun ownership. A local law enforcement officer then speaks on what to do as an LTC holder during traffic stops, how to deal with police if you ever have to use your firearm or any other legal weapon in self-defense and more. If you own a firearm, this class is a must-have.