Gunsmith services are back at Defender Outdoors! We are very happy to announce the hiring of Robert Hendricks as our Head Gunsmith. Robert is a Fort Worth native and is happy to be moving back home from Houston to join the Defender Team. He is a graduate from the gunsmith program at the Colorado School of Trades. Following gunsmith school, he served as the regional gunsmith for Gander Mountain for East and Central Texas. For the last two years he has been the gunsmith at Athena Gun Club in Houston. Robert believes that a gunsmith should listen to a customer’s needs, provide fair and unbiased advice, effectively communicate, and perform quality work in a timely manner. He is excited to bring his commitment to service to Defender and looks forward to getting to know our members and guests.

Robert is typically on-site Tuesday to Saturday, however, gunsmith work is accepted 7 days a week. Turnaround times will vary depending on the services requested and existing workload. We strive to perform services efficiently and to effectively communicate and deliver upon quoted turnaround times.

Below is a sample or our rates and services – please stop by or call us with questions about additional rates and all of the services we provide.

Gunsmithing Contact Form
Gunsmithing Status Update
Pricing Rates
General Shop Rate$60.00 Per Hour
Defender base clean - Handgun$30.00 $9.95 limited time only!
Defender base clean - Long Gun$50.00 $9.95 limited time only!
DCOA (full dissassembly, clean, oil, assemble) - Handgun$80.00
DCOA (full dissassembly, clean, oil, assemble) - Long Gun $100.00
Suppressor Cleaning$50.00
General Gunsmithing
Scope mount and boresight$35.00
Scope mount and range sight in (includes ammo and range time for gunsmith*)$75.00
Scope range sight in of mounted scope (includes ammo and range time for gunsmith*)$45.00
Diagnostic fee (Includes Estimate and First 30 Minutes of Labor)$40.00
Test fire fee - Handgun (includes ammo and range time for gunsmith*)$10.00
Test fire fee - Long Gun (includes ammo and range time for gunsmith*)$15.00
Shipping and handling to ship firearm to and receive back from manufacturer$30.00
Pistol and Revolver
Sight install (50% off if either firearm or sights purchased here - free if both)$40.00
Drop in trigger install (ZEV, Apex, Powder River, etc.)$50.00
Trigger install requiring fitting (PRP Competition, Apex Competition, etc.)$75.00
RMR install and range site in (includes ammo and range time for gunsmith*)$35.00
Revolver Trigger Work (starting price + parts)$80.00
Hand fitting any part Standard Hourly Rate
Assembly of complete rifle$120.00
Assembly of upper receiver$60.00
Assembly of lower receiver$60.00
Trigger group installations$30.00
Install free float rail**$50.00
Check AR-15 homebuild (labor only - test fire fee applies)$40.00
Install muzzle brake or flash hider (no timing)$20.00
Install muzzle brake or flash hider (requires timing)$30.00
Storage fee for firearms left 30 days past notification of completion (per month fee)$15.00