Matthew Lillis


To setup a training session please feel free to email Matt at, and let’s get your training on the right track.

Matt as the Director of Training at Defender Outdoor Shooting Center, is a combat-veteran of eight years serving in the USAF as a Security Forces Officer. This is initially where his desire to teach combat-focused firearms training started. While serving in the Air Force Matt established, trained and equipped two Emergency Services Teams designed for high-risk law enforcement operations, as well as special protection details for high-ranking officers. Matt gained this experience and know how by training and working with some of the best law enforcement officers and military personal around. He attended several SWAT schools, combatives programs, aircraft interdiction courses, personal protection course and many more. Matt also served as a Anti-Terrorism officer in England and was responsible for ensuring the security and safety of thousands of military personal and the security of military assets. Additionally, While deployed in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM to the Salah Al-Din province Matt was tasked to train, develop intelligence, and combat insurgents with Iraqi Police in and around the major cities in the Salah Al-Din province, one of only two USAF units tasked with those operations in all of Iraq. During this time he completed in over 120 combat missions where he worked with local units to ensure the safety and security of the local populace as well as Coalition Forces. For his efforts and effects on the battlefield Matt was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

Matt focuses most of his private training sessions on the personal self-defense field as well as those wanting to push their physical limits while shooting. His knowledge of the pressure that can build up when individuals are in chaotic situations is paramount in his training sessions. Whether you are looking to learn how to draw your firearm from a concealed holster and defend yourself, or if you want to learn advanced combat and preparation for pushing yourself to new heights Matt can work with and develop a program for you. Matt has one simple philosophy “If you STAY READY you will never have to GET READY!” He encourages individuals to train outside their normal comfort zones and truly push themselves to be ready for anything that could come their way.


  • NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
  • Simunitions Instructor
  • Colorado Springs SWAT School
  • Douglas County SWAT School
  • El Paso County SWAT School
  • USA Hand-to-Hand Combatives Program
  • Aircraft Interdiction
  • Level 2, 3, & 4 Texas PSB Security Licenses
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Squadron Officer School
  • Intelligence in Combating Terrorism
  • Air Base Defense
  • USAF Basic Law Enforcement

Areas of Private Instruction:

  • Basic Handgun Training
  • Drawing from Concealed Holster and Self-Defense for LTC holders
  • Personal Protection
  • Combat Carbine
  • Home Defense Shooting
  • Tactical Fitness
  • Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Practical Shooting