Pre-Requisites:Basic understanding of firearm use and safety. Rifle must be sighted for 25yds before course (Will open lane for sighting help 1 hr before course)
Equipment:Carbine rifle, Sling, 3 Magazines, Magazine Pouches or Tactical Vest, eye and ear protection
Description:In this course shooters will learn about the carbine platform and how to properly manipulate and employ their weapon system. Within this course individuals will learn immediate action skills, what hold over is and how it affects shot placement, moving to engage a target and shooting on the move, how to address threats from both sides and behind the individual, moving to engage a threat from covered positions as well as how to respond to a threat when attacked.
Included in Tuition• 150 rounds of Ammunition (.223)
• Necessary Targets
• Rifle Rental (if needed)
• Personal Protective Equipment (if needed)
Duration:4 hrs