Pre-Requisites:No Experience Necessary
Equipment:None (If you have your own AR-15 you may bring it in)
Description:This intro course is the perfect for women wanting to learn more about AR-15s including how to break them down, what and where to clean and maintain, overall parts of the rifle, and finally we will go over basic marksmanship and how to shoot the Black Rifle effectively. Whether it's using one of our rifles to work with or the new one you just picked up truly take the time to know all the inner and outer workings of your rifle so that you can truly show those guys you know that ladies can run Black Rifles too!
Included in Tuition:• Necessary Ammunition (.223)
• Necessary Targets
• Rifle Rental (if needed)
• Personal Protective Equipment (if needed)
Duration:2 hrs

Please check back soon, course dates to come.