Defender Precision Rifle Course
Pre-Requisites:Long Range Marksmanship course or understanding of rifle marksmanship and ballistics
Equipment:Rifle with optic capable of shooting to at least 800 yds., 200 – 300 rounds of ammunition, Bipod, sling & rear support, Data Recording Device, Binoculars or Spotting Scope (optional), Note Taking Material (optional)
Description:Defender has partnered with Geordie Richardson, a 10-year competitive long range shooter sponsored by some of the leading manufacturers in the industry to bring you our Defender PRC. This course is geared toward the mid- to long-range hunter or precision shooter. We will work with you about the fundamentals of long range shooting, reading data & the elements, as well as how to make that 800 to 1,000 yard shot count.
Included in Tuition:• Necessary Targets
• Personal Protective Equipment (if needed)
• Instructor and Classroom Reservations (both days)
• Range Fees (both days)
• Chronographs for velocity data
Duration:2 day course

Please check back soon for updated course information and dates.