Pre-Requisites:Personal Protection--Survive in Your Home
Equipment:All exposed skin must be covered. We recommend jeans, long sleeve shirt and comfortable closed toe shoes. We recommend a long sleeve undershirt and a loosely fitted button up. Clothing may become stained and/or damaged. We do not allow students to wear multiple layers or excessively thick clothing for this course.
Description:When things go bump in the night, or when you come home and your door has been broken open, what are you going to do? If you make the decision to enter that area you need to prepare yourself in the dynamics of dealing with doorways and corners. Even more important is how to maintain security when you are doing this all alone.

This course uses scenario based training and weapons firing marking cartridges against live targets. This is Force-on-Force training, a realistic approach to working complex problems under stress. Decision-making, special reasoning and problem solving techniques are emphasized throughout this class. Force-on-Force training tools, including holsters and magazine pouches are provided by the Defender Training Academy for use during this class.
Included in Tuition:• SIM House Rental Fees
• Necessary Targets
• Simunition Firearms and Ammunition
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Targets to include Live Actors
Duration:4 hrs