Pre-Requisites:Carbine 2: Integrated Weapons (or LEO approval)
Equipment:AR-15 rifle, Sling, 3 Magazines, Magazine Pouches or Tactical Vest, Holster, Sturdy Belt ***NO AMMUNITION***
Description:Live fire training can only go so far, force-on-force training with Simunitions fills the gap where the range leaves off and reality begins.

When you have shot enough steel and paper and are looking for a real challenge, this course is for you. Not for the timid or weak hearted, this course brings you instant “feedback” with real life human threats. Instructors will run you through various scenarios where your ability to shoot, move, and communicate will be put to the ultimate test. All drills and scenarios are law enforcement specific and have been developed based on past encounters, personal experiences and current news backed up by today's current tactics, techniques and procedures.
Included in Tuition:• SIM House Rental Fees
• Necessary Targets
• Simunition Firearms and Ammunition
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Targets to include Live Actors
Duration:4 hrs

If you would like to schedule a group training course for this course please email