License to Carry Course
Price:$110 or Early Bird $75 (Early Bird is defined as signing up at least a week in advance)
Equipment:Firearm (.380 caliber or more)* *If needed rental is included in tuition of course
Description:Formerly a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) class, this classroom time will go over all the Texas State laws that surround your ability to carry a handgun. This class will also cover subjects such as the new Open Carry Laws that went into effect in January 2016 as well as Campus Carry Laws effective August 2016.

Notice: This tuition does not include your fee due to the State of Texas after you fill out your DPS application. Defender Outdoors cannot collect fees for the State of Texas. For more information and to fill out your DPS application click here:
Included in Tuition:• License to Carry Class
• Completion Certificate to submit to the State
• Range Fees for Qualifications
• Handgun Rental for Qualifications
• 50 Rounds of Ammunition for Qualifications
• Target for Shooting Qualifications
Duration:6 hrs