LTC Judgmental Training
Pre-Requisites:No Experience Necessary
Description:This interactive seminar will put you in a multitude of real life scenarios that you could find yourself in whether you’re a gun owner or not and trains your brain to know when you should be a good witness, and when you should shoot. Held in our Lasershot Simulator Room on a 12-foot tall screen that goes 180 degrees around, these situations will encompass you and show you how easily some situations can be avoided and how others can escalate quickly. This event is a perfect sequel to a License to Carry Class or for the person who is just looking for a little more situational awareness training.

This class is quick, to the point and will likely change your way of thinking about how you would react to situations you could potentially find yourself in with your firearm.
Included in Tuition:• Classroom instruction and evaluation
• Lasershot Simulator Time
• Access to the Judgmental Training System (JTS)
Duration:2 hrs