Pre-Requisites:No Experience Necessary
Equipment:Shotgun, 100-150 of preferred shotgun shells, eye & ear protection, shooters pouch
Description:This training is for the beginner that is looking to get started out with the proper form and technique. While shooting on the Defender Outdoor Private Training Course you will have the opportunity to shoot a variety of targets from various different angles. While shooting these targets Travis will work on your form, check eye dominance, verify correct gun fit and get you breaking targets. Come prepared to shoot 100-200 targets during this course. This course will prepare you both for clay targets, but also for the hunting field.
Included in Tuition:• Instruction Time
• Gun Fitting
• Range time at the Defender Private Shooting Area
• Eye Dominance Check
Duration:2 hr
Additional Items:Clay targets will cost $0.45 per target

To schedule a private session please email

At Defender Clay Sports Ranch (location)