The gunsmith is typically on-site Tuesday to Saturday, however, gunsmith work is accepted 7 days a week. Turnaround times will vary depending on the services requested and existing workload. We strive to perform services efficiently and to effectively communicate and deliver upon quoted turnaround times.

Pricing Rates
Rifle Cleaning
Defender Base Clean$19.95
DCOA (full disassembly, clean, oil, assemble)$100.00
AR-15 Services
Assembly of Complete Rifle$120.00
Assembly of Upper Receiver$60.00
Assembly of Lower Receiver$60.00
Trigger Group Installations$30.00
Install Free Float Rail$50.00
Check AR-15 Homebuild (labor only - test fire fees apply)$40.00
Install Muzzle Brake or Flash Hider (no timing)$20.00
Install Muzzle Break or Flash Hider (requires timing)$30.00
Storage fee for firearms left 30 days past notification of completion (monthly fee)$15.00