Defender Outdoors started business in Aubrey, Texas as a sister company to Defender Supply. Defender Supply has been serving the law enforcement and first responder community since 2010 and has quickly become Texas’ premier upfitter of law enforcement and emergency vehicles. It didn’t take long for our Defender Supply’ customers to learn and appreciate what we’re all about – customer service – and we received countless requests to begin selling firearms and ammunition for law enforcement purposes. We dug into the industry and quickly realized that there is customer service void, not just in service to the law enforcement community, but in service to the entire shooting sports community – particularly to new and female shooters.

In 2013, Defender Outdoors opened its doors with three missions: (1) to provide the best customer service, (2) to provide all of our customers with a friendly and informative environment, and (3) to do so at the lowest price possible. The response to our Aubrey location was so compelling that we decided to take our show online at www.defenderoutdoors.com and to a second retail facility located at 213 N. Rupert Street in Fort Worth. Not satisfied there, in March of 2015, we broke ground on the construction of the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center just a mile from downtown Fort Worth. Construction was completed in February of 2016. Defender Outdoors Shooting Center is a 43,000 square foot indoor shooting facility and is now North Texas’ premier indoor firearms training, education and entertainment facility.


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Jerah Hutchins
Membership & Events Director

Jerah Hutchins is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and boasts 15 years of hospitality experience. She has loved the smell of gunpowder just as much as the next Texas woman since she shot her first deer with her grandfather at age 12.
She is passionate about the empowerment of the family core (especially women), this great country, and the necessity of having a plan for every situation-before you need to use it. Jerah enjoys being able to serve the public at Defender Outdoors, where providing a safe place for our members to explore, learn, train, and discover is the driving force of the business. Jerah will provide you such a positive experience you’ll be sure to return to Defender Outdoors for all of your firearm needs.

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Will James

One of our many Fort Worth natives, Will serves as El Presidente (and resident Gun Nerd – that’s a compliment in our book) of Defender Outdoors. If you want to talk guns, calibers, scopes, and really anything requiring an acronym, he’s your guy. Beyond all that rugged gun knowledge though, he’s a pretty intellectual fellow … surprising since he defected to the University of Oklahoma for college – but we only hold that against him when it’s convenient for joking purposes.
With a background in all sorts of fancy things like Industrial Brokerage, Private Equity, and Oil & Gas, he earned a spot on the 2011 Fort Worth Business Press “40 under 40” list and is also a graduate of the Leadership Fort Worth Leading Edge program. The guy knows his stuff, and we’re glad he decided to come over to the cooler, more fun side of the business world.

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Matt Johnson

Matt is a lifelong resident of Fort Worth and is a Texas Christian University grad. He likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. Oh wait … wrong bio.
He is co-owner of Defender Supply, a nationwide builder and seller of police vehicles, parts and tactical gear and eventually extended into a place for civilians to buy all the cool stuff for their own shooting needs. So what was the natural progression? A firearms retailer and shooting range! And so Defender Outdoors was added to the flock. ‘Merica, people.
Matt isn’t short on philanthropy either. He sits on several boards across Funky Town including Trinity Bank, All Saints Episcopal School, Fort Worth Sportsman’s Club, Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate and the Buckets and Boots organization. Matt is well-known and respected across the community and state and we like him a lot too, so we’ll probably keep him around for a while.

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Eric Hove

Eric was born and raised in Fort Worth before heading off to get his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oklahoma State University and his Masters in Operations Management at Texas A&M.
He spent many years as a supply chain consultant and lead a few internet startup companies before becoming business partners with Matt. Eric wears many hats in the Defender organization that include operations and information technology, but his passion is in building great teams and maintaining our company focus on the satisfaction of our customers.
We’re glad to have this guy around! Aren’t you?


Much like the Marine Corps, we're looking for a few good (wo)men.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re interested in hearing from you.

We will have a variety of positions but until we know exactly what they are, do us a solid and send the below info to team@defenderoutdoors.com. That’s it! Easy, right? We’ll be in touch and until then, stay tuned and definitely keep us in your crosshairs.

1. Resume
Spell checked and current, pretty please. Include your LinkedIn profile (if you have one) and anything else you’d like us to know.

2. The types of positions you are interested in
We’ll have a bunch of opportunities in a variety of areas, so please be honest and help US help YOU find the spot where you’ll flourish. Some examples are: Facilities, Sales, Security, Events, Marketing, Management, Administrative Services and so forth. Feel free to be as specific as you’d like, and don’t worry, it’s just so we can get a feel for what you’re good at + what you enjoy. After all, happy chickens lay great eggs.

3. Then…Engage!
The best relationships start as friendships, and we’d like you to get to know us a little too. Track us down on Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube. We do wear a lot of camo but lucky for you, it doesn’t work so well online.


What our customers say about us!

I came to your store for the first time on Sunday the 3rd of this month and returned yesterday to show my “Gun Apprehensive” wife your outstanding new facility. She was warmly greeted by your employee Edwina. I cannot say enough about her positive interaction with my wife and I feel good seeds were planted toward what I hope someday will become comfortable gun ownership. Great facility and great marketing having someone like Edwina in that position to work with women. I hope your location explodes with success.

-Mike, Fort Worth, TX

This is absolutely to best indoor range and gun shop I’ve ever been to- by far! It’s clean, comfortable and well lit. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy. Most importantly, they are more interested in helping you than trying to show off (unlike some gun shops). They have a great selection of guns and accessories, too. Bottom line: this place is great.

-Bob, Fort Worth, TX

Its about time that Fort Worth had a high quality range like this in the downtown area! Facilities are great and the shop is well stocked with hunters gear, personal safety and tactical stuff. I’ve been to other ranges and found the employees to be aloof and snooty. This is very classy operation and the employees were very engaging and helpful while still allowing me the space to get oriented. Well done, Defender Outdoors! This store is off to a great start!

-Mark, Fort Worth, TX

Great range! Took the wife on a range date and we had a blast! It was quite (we went on a Monday night) and the staff was super nice and helpful. They had a female employee working the range counter which made my wife feel more comfortable. The rifle range was the nicest I’ve been to, it maxed out at 85yrds with a shot cam at the end aimed at the target (helpful for sighting in your rifle). When leaving we were looking at the guns in the “high end” display case and had a gentleman come over to talk with us and he opened up the case showing us whichever one we wanted to look at. Overall we had a great time shooting and enjoyed the cleanliness and friendliness from all the employees (which is hard to find helpful and friendly people working at most ranges)

-James, Fort Worth, TX

Everything about this place is “on target “. First and foremost, the customer service has been outstanding. Jerah, the events coordinator/many other wearer of hats, treated my family and I, not to mention our friends, with stellar service. The safety officers are very knowledgeable and attentive if you have any questions about what the heck you are doing, which is nice if you are a female and fairly new to this sport. My boyfriend and I have been to quite a few facilities and even though this one is not the closest to our home, the options, the classes, even a benefit to the kids who are learning as well, is the reason we signed up to become members. Do your shopping and pricing around, I promise you will be back!!

My wife and I enjoy shooting every chance we get to. We have been in there a few times now and have had a great experience every time. The staff is very helpful and extremely courteous. I love the fact that the RSO are always on the range to ensure it is a safe and clean place to practice. They have been very friendly and observant. Matt and Josh went out of their way to help me find a holster that I was interested in purchasing despite the fact that it was not part of their current inventory. We were impressed enough to say goodbye to our former range and get a membership here. My wife just found out the other day what the birthday present is for members and she seems very excited about this happening later this month.

-John, Fort Worth, TX

I want to thank Defender Outdoors Shooting Center for making my son’s first time shooting a great experience. The staff was friendly and helpful from the moment we walked in the door. The facility and firing lanes are the best I’ve seen in the DFW. I really appreciate that they let me coach my son while he was firing. Also want to thank Henry, the RSO, for giving him a tip while firing. We’ll definitely be back to put more rounds down range.

-Daniel, TX

My fiance and I came into the center last weekend to look at their firearms. After several members of their staff took time to show us everything we wanted to see, we decided to participate in their LTC course the following Sunday. Marty Sharpe did a great job instructing. The entire experience was very comfortable to a novice shooter like myself. I am looking forward to some additional personal lessons and participating in the courses they provide. I recommend this facility to all levels of shooter! The facility is beautiful and the staff is friendly, helpful and welcoming. Thank you!

-Audrey, Fort Worth, TX

Hands down the best range and store I have ever seen in the state of Texas or the United States for that matter. Eager, courteous, and knowledgeable staff great customer service extremely clean and all the latest technology in the facility. The great customer experience and dig this they actually like and encourage women shooters. What a concept!

-Russ, TX

Love this place!!! The staff is super helpful and super friendly! Membership gets you great deals on ammunition and range fees! RSO’s are incredibly helpful and do a fantastic job of ensuring everyone’s safety! The best place to go to shoot in this area!!! Love the fun events that are scheduled! Perfect date night with the hubby!

-Tina, TX

Let me get this out there first: I am, politically speaking, a pretty liberal guy, although I was born, raised and live in Texas. I was raised around guns. My dad hunted every deer season, while my brothers and I would explore the deer lease (when the hunters were not in their stands) and practice shooting at cans. We were taught how to handle guns with respect, from a fairly young age (around 10 years old, I think?).

The last time I held a gun was probably about 25 years ago. When my wife and I divorced, I gave her my handgun for protection and did not replace it. I have been split on the idea of gun control. I do believe some weapons are not appropriate for average citizens but also believe guns should NOT be banned entirely. Like the Jewish Defense League used to say, “For every Jew, a .22.” I think we have to have some form of defense against crime or a government run amok.

I’ve been in the large sporting goods stores, like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops and, although their architecture and displays are pretty amazing, I’ve never felt comfortable there. Recently, all the Donald Trump t-shirts in those stores just make me cringe.

Nevertheless, I decided I needed a handgun for personal defense, and began searching for suggestions online. I asked for recommendations from my Facebook friends, which resulted in two responses: 1) recommendations of guns and places to buy them, and 2) friends asking why the hell I needed a gun!

One of my former Apple coworkers, and for whose opinion on guns (if not politics) I have a great deal of respect, suggested I try Defender Outdoors. He and I like to debate politics, as he is at least as conservative as I am liberal. However, we never let our differences interfere with our friendship, so I followed his advice.

One Sunday, I headed out to check out the guns at Defender Outdoors (D.O.), thinking I wanted to get a 9mm handgun that I had read was one of the ten best ever made. The Retail Manager, Dax, walked me through D.O.’s VERY impressive inventory, where a shopper can pick up and examine any of at least 80 to 120 different models. He was very well versed in the pros and cons of each and guided me to a handgun I really enjoy and with which I’ve had pretty good accuracy, even though I’ve been away from guns for a long time.

The shopping experience was VERY reminiscent of the Apple Store. There was no pressure to buy, no looking down on a newbie, (well oldie-newbie) and no rush. Once I thought I had made my choice, Dax took me to the shooting range counter, where I rented the model, in which I was interested, and proceeded to the gun range to try it out. It was great! I filled out the necessary paperwork (on a computer) and put the gun on layaway, while awaiting approval for my purchase, from the feds. This was completed fairly quickly. The price of the gun was not the cheapest in town, but I didn’t feel gouged either. I felt that it was fairly priced, when coupled with the amazing customer service experience I received.

A few days later, I came back and bought the gun and a few supplies (carrying case, ammo, cleaning kit) and signed up for the “License To Carry” class, required by the State of Texas, to be able to carry my gun (concealed) in public.

I had also asked friends to recommend an indoor gun range, closer to my home, for my practice sessions. I visited a couple of these suggested gun stores and gun ranges and was shocked by the inferiority to Defender Outdoors! They were tacky, by comparison. There were old, stuffed animals that were not aging well. There were mismatched display cases that made these other places have a pawn shop feel. In short, other stores did not have the professional appearance OR staff I had so thoroughly enjoyed at D.O. Also, the clientele at D.O. just seemed to be more like me: not obsessed with guns, but definitely enthusiasts, in the sport of shooting. The huge lounge area had TVs with Fox News AND MSNBC showing! PERFECT!

The following Sunday morning, I attended the LTC class, held in a nice classroom, and passed the written and shooting tests an am awaiting my license from the State. Although D.O. is not the most conveniently located gun range, in relation to my home, I will continue to go there for shooting practice, because of the facility and staff. The gun range looks like an FBI gun range in the movies: well-lit, mechanized target carriages, so shooting doesn’t have to stop for target changes, attentive and helpful Range Safety Officers who are always happy to patiently give advice and answer questions. I have been so impressed with their gun range, that I have invited friends to go shooting with me and their feedback, about D.O., is always enthusiastic. They love the place as much as I do!

Definitely check out Defender Outdoors, especially if you’re new to guns and don’t want to feel denigrated, in any way. GREAT store!

-Buzz S, TX