Sim House

For additional information about the Sim House or to setup a tour, event or course please email our Director of Training at

***Minimum age for Sim House is 18 years old without a parent and 16 years if parent is present at the range.***

What is Simunition (Sim) and the Sim House?

Simunition (Sim) training ammunition is non-lethal FX marking cartridges that are fired from modified real firearms outfitted with conversion kits that allow the gun to only fire FX cartridges. Utilizing a real brass casing and perforated-plastic marking cartridges, Simunition markers are fired at targets or live actors around 600 feet per second. Simunition training is THE most realistic training available for military, law enforcement and now to the general public. Our courses and events in Simunition are designed to provide students with live-action scenario based training centered around realistic, but extremely safe, 360 degree environments. 

These courses and events, situated in our 3,000 sq. ft. Sim-house, utilize various rooms throughout the Sim-house, these can include bedrooms, living spaces, offices, restaurants and much more. Students are introduced to this reality-based training with the purpose of immersing the individuals in situations that will test their shooting acumen and provide an opportunity to experience scenarios and situation that prepare them for real world encounters, both mentally and physically.

How can I get involved in the training or events?

Defender Outdoors Shooting Center is offering two ways for individuals to experience our Simunition training programs. The first will be either through private events or established Run & Gun events. The second will be through the Defender Training Academy by attending one of the upcoming training course that will be held.

DOSC welcomes private groups, corporations, or parties that wish to setup either competitions or fun Run & Gun events to reach out to The rates for holding a private event are:  $200/hr for the Sim House and Sim Range Officer plus the cost of simunition ammunition ($33 per box of 50 rounds) used for your event. The max number of people that can be run through the Sim House in one hour is 8.

Additionally, DOSC and the Defender Training Academy have established several upcoming Run & Gun events. Within these events individuals will be able to move through the Sim House and engage multiple targets, both shoot and don’t shoot, in order to clear out the facility of all hostile targets. These runs will cost $25 per run in which you will receive firearm rental (you cannot use your own firearm), ammunition, protective equipment and be thrown into a chaotic environment in order see how well you can perform. These runs through the Sim House will be on a first come first serve basis and you will be allowed to simply check in at the front desk and await your turn to run. So bring a group of friends, we can time the runs, and see who the fastest most accurate shooter is in your group.

Finally, the Defender Training Academy has started holding its Personal Protection–Survive in Your Home course. This course starts off with some classroom discussion about what home invasion is, statistics behind them and what the fundamentals are for in home self-defense. Then the course moves into the Sim House where students learn how to clear rooms, move through their homes with a firearm and how to defend their homes from unwanted intruders. All of this culminates when the students are engaged with live actors and situations in our scenario engagements. Additionally, our Personal Protection course can also be catered to office scenarios in order to teach employers/employees the fundamentals of Active Shooter Response Training.

For more information and dates for this course click here.