Pre-Requisites:Carry with Confidence Course (or similar experience)
Equipment:Pistol, 2-3 magazines, eye & ear protection, (carry bags will be provided for course use)
Description:This course is designed to be either a private one-on-one clinic or a small group and will highlight some of the serious concerns about off-body carry as well as providing valuable training to individuals that are looking at the option of off-body carry. This course sponsored by VERTX offers a unique course of instruction focused on drawing from an off-body carrier, how to quickly access the firearm and engage threats as well as working through key elements such as speed reloads from an off-body carry bag.
Included in Tuition:• 100 rounds of ammunition (.380, 9mm, 40 S&W, .357 SIG, or 45 ACP)
• Necessary Targets
• Personal Protective Equipment (if needed)
• VERTX bags and equipment
Duration:2 hrs


If you would like to take this course as a private session or a small group please email for more information and to setup a date.