Tactical Fitness (TACFIT) Lunch-N-Learn
Pre-Requisites:Carry with Confidence (or Similar Experience)
Equipment:• Pistol, Holster, Sturdy Belt
• 2-3 Magazines (double stack pistols are preferred however if your carry is single stack please bring additional magazines)
• Eye and Ear protection
Description:TACFIT Clinic is a two-hour clinic dedicated to pushing students further in both their shooting capabilities as well as the physical demands needed to fight in and survive a deadly situation. This is not your normal practice sessions, in these clinics we want to truly stress our bodies to know what it is like to engage threats when our bodies are taxed and we must control our breathing, heart rate and muscle fatigue.

***These drills will occur monthly and the drills practiced will have increased physical stress and vary each month.***
Included in Tuition:• 150 rounds of ammunition (.380, 9mm, 40 S&W, .357 SIG, or 45 ACP)
• Necessary Targets
• Gun and Holster Rental (if needed)
• Personal Protective Equipment (if needed)
Duration:2 hrs