Pre-Requisites:Carbine 2: Mastering Integrated Weapons
Equipment:• AR-15 rifle with Sling (Handgun will be Provided)
• 3+ Magazines (EMPTY)
• Magazine Pouches or Tactical Vest
• Holster (General or Fits Glock 17-Rentals on Hand if Needed)
• Sturdy Belt
Description:The Room Clearing & Small Team Tactics course is where you get to put your training to the test. In this course you will learn to work in small two-person teams to move through a Close Quarter Engagement scenario. This force-on-force training fills the gaps where the range leaves of and reality begins. All scenarios are based on law enforcement encounters from today's headlines and backed by current tactics, techniques and procedures.
Included in Tuition:• SIM House Rental Fees
• Simunition Firearms (Glock 17) and Ammunition
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Targets to include Live Actors
Duration:4 hrs

If you would like to schedule a group training course for this course please email