Pre-Requisites:Personal Protection--Survive in Your Home
Equipment:All exposed skin must be covered. We recommend jeans, long sleeve shirt and comfortable closed toe shoes. We recommend a long sleeve undershirt and a loosely fitted button up. Clothing may become stained and/or damaged. We do not allow students to wear multiple layers or excessively thick clothing for this course.
Description:Now that you have learned and understand the dynamics of defending yourself within your home we are now going to move to other potential situations. Building upon real-world situations that have come from news outlets, personal situations, and reports from law enforcement outlets you will be engaged in various situations where you will be required to think on your feet quickly and make decisions in split seconds. From active shooters, to law enforcement assistance, to domestic situations that happen in a restaurant all these scenarios will give you the opportunity to think through "what if" and see how you would respond.
Included in Tuition:• SIM House Rental Fees
• Necessary Targets
• Simunition Firearms and Ammunition
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Targets to include Live Actors
Duration:3 hrs

Please check back soon, course dates to come.