Carry with Confidence
Pre-Requisites:Basic understanding and proficiency with firearm (Handgun Fundamentals or License to Carry classes recommended)
Equipment:• Pistol & Holster
• Sturdy Belt
• 2-3 Magazines
• Eye & Ear Protection
Description:Carry with Confidence (CWC) is the continuation of the License to Carry course that all concealed carriers should take. This course focuses on the next steps of your self-defense capabilities by teaching students drawing from holster techniques, immediate action situations as well as dealing with multiple threats in a high stress environment.
Included in Tuition• 150 Rounds of Ammunition (.380, 9mm, 40 S&W, .357SIG, or 45 ACP)
• Necessary Targets
• Gun and Holster Rental (If Needed)
• Personal Protection Equipment (If Needed)
• Classroom and Range Fees
Duration:4 hrs