Introduction to Shotgun
Pre-Requisites:No experience necessary (but let us know if you have some experience)
Equipment:Shotgun (for fit only, this is a non-firing course)
Description:This is for the raw beginners that are ready to learn the basics of handling a shotgun. This indoor course will introduce you to the basics of shotgun shooting. How to determine eye dominance, how to mount the shotgun properly, correct stance, gun fit and after you are handling the shotgun well we will take you to the Laser Shot Simulation room for some indoor clay target shooting. Using the Laser Shot Simulator the instructor will teach you the basics of approaching targets and prepare you for success on the clay target course or the hunting field. This course is great for raw beginners, kids that are getting started as well as people that might just be interested in getting started in shotgun shooting. If you don’t have a shotgun to bring, no worries, Defender has a full selection of shotguns that can be used during training.
Included in Tuition:• Gun Rental if needed
• Laser Shot Simulator Time
• Custom Gun Fitting
• Instruction Time
• Eye Dominance Check
Duration:1 hr.