In an effort to provide continuing and on-going training Defender Training Academy provides drill videos for you to break down and work on training these skill sets from your home range or experience some of these same drills in our various training programs. We hope that you enjoy these videos as well as use them in a safe environment allowed by your range staff. Please note that some of these videos will involve physical exertion and therefore you must know what your limitations are and while pushing those limits you do not do so in an unsafe environment. Train safe, train hard and we will see you on the range!

Standards Drill

A simple drill that you can do on our range from behind the firing line. This drill works several different skill sets such as target transitions, reloads and precision shooting. You can download the target here to practice on your own.

Pistol Protocol Drill

In this drill we focus on many different aspects of operating your handgun. Everything from malfunction handling, to reloads, alternate shooting areas, and one-handed shooting. Great drill to run and practice, plus with the movement it’s a ton of fun to shoot.


The 22422 drill is a great drill to use in balancing your speed and your precision. Though not a true representation of what you might find in a fight this one is really about moving your hips and the body mechanics and quickly transitioning from one target to the next as quickly as possible and placing accurate rounds on target.


In this drill we are working with both our carbine and our sidearm with a little bit of physical stress. Learning to recognize bolt lock and how to transition to our sidearm is a key component in either a tactical application or a competitive environment. This drill is great for doing just that. Hope you enjoy this one stay safe, stay ready and we’ll see you on the range!


In Triple Threat we are working the skills needed to quickly transition between targets, and target areas as well as ensuring that we engage those threats accurately. Targets are setup anywhere from 5 yards to 10 yards and you will engage the threats with three rounds to the center chest then slow down to deliver an accurate head shot and pelvic shot. The purpose of working one target completely is to build the skill set of quick engagements then slowing down for precision shots to smaller target areas. Start with the center threat then move to the outside threats and go from there. You can work in multiple variables such as distance, varying the target depths, add in reloads or malfunctions anything you like.


In this drill we are setting our barrier at the 10 yard line and using a 60 lbs. bag. On “GO” the shooter will lift the bag and throw it over the barrier and then duck underneath the barrier and upon standing fire one (or two) rounds to the high center chest area of the target. Repeat several time in a row to see and feel the effects of physical stress on your shot placement. This drill designed to work on shooting after physical stress. You can vary distance, weight and time all to really push yourself. Remember “fast is fine, but accuracy is final” –Wyatt Earp.


This drill focuses on two situations. The first is what to do and how to engage a threat coming at you and threatening you. The second is what to do and how to engage a threat doing harm to someone else and you have to deliver one accurate shot. We use the cards to vary which target areas we engage and surprise us. Try different variations of the drill by changing the distance or adding in malfunctions.


What do we do if our threat simply doesn’t fall to the ground? We must then execute a FAILURE DRILL. In this drill after you deliver several rounds to the high center chest we will target a secondary target area. Most practice this by going for head shots, however in this drill we will discuss other potentially more effective areas to aim for and practice going for those alternate target areas.